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Where are my VIP Meet & Greet photos?

Check them out HERE.

I purchased a VIP package but didn't receive my laminate...

We apologize for not having your VIP laminate on site. There was a delay with the shipment of the laminates due to inclement weather in other parts of the country. However, we will ship them out to you asap!

To receive your laminate, please send an e-mail to info@selfhelpfest.com with the following information:

1. First/Last Name used when purchasing
2. Quantity of tickets purchased
3. Shipping Address

I lost something at Self Help, can you find it?

We suggest contacting the NOS Events Center HERE.

Where can I buy Self Help Fest 2015 merch?

We're counting inventory to see what's left. Check selfhelpfest.com for updates!

For support e-mail info@selfhelpfest.com